classic vegan curry recipe




| Servings : 2 | Cooktime : 15 minutes | Difficulty  : 3/10 |

Dietary : Suitable for everyone + vegans


Serves 2

 1/3 cup blended curry powder

400g canned whole plum tomatoes

100g cauliflower

100g broccoli

bunch of coriander

2 portions of long-grain rice

1tsp turmeric

400g coconut milk

3 cloves of garlic


***Blended Curry powder we used : Schwartz Medium Curry Powder (Available from most grocery stores in Ireland and the UK.



Knife, cutting board, frying pan, 1 pot, serving plate, wooden spoon. 


Pep it – 

Dice or crush your garlic. Chop your cauliflower and broccoli into small florets. Chop your coriander. Open your can of tomatoes and coconut milk and your all ready to cook.


Fry it – 

Heat a tablespoon of oil in a pan on medium heat. Fry your garlic for about 2 minutes until golden. Add in your cauliflower and broccoli. Fry until they are crispy on the outside but still have a bite. Remove from the pan and set aside.

Get your rice on a boil in a medium-size pot. Add the teaspoon of turmeric to this. This should take 8-10 minutes to cook through.

Get the pan going again on high heat with a teaspoon of oil.  Add your curry powder. And also add in some juice from the can of tomatoes or water to stop this from sticking. This is a great way to avoid using a lot of oil and still tastes as good. Cook the curry powder through for about 5 minutes.

Add your canned tomatoes, mix and cook for about 2 minutes. Then add the coconut milk. Turn the heat to low/medium. This will stop the coconut milk from splitting, which it sometimes decides to do if the temperature is too high. Simmer this for about 5 minutes and pop in your stock cube. At this stage, you can add in water to leave it as it is depending on how thick you like the curry sauce.

Add your cauliflower and broccoli into the sauce to reheat for about 2 minutes. And BOOM your curry is ready.


Build it – 

Your rice should be ready by now but just have a taste before you commit to plating up. Pop your lovely golden rice and curry on plates, top with your chopped coriander for a bit of fanciness and flavor, and enjoy!!

This is a classic Friday-night-fake-away!!!! A crowd pleaser if you have people over or want a cozy night in with a tasty fast homemade curry. 

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This is one of the first scratch-made Currys I started making. When I changed to a plant-based diet I swapped out the chicken for cauliflower and boy does it taste even better. The curry powder for the base is pretty important. So find one you really like, they’re really inexpensive in grocery stores these days, buy and few, try them out, mild, hot etc. See which one is for you and your friends/family. 

Full fat coconut milk makes this really creamy but you could swap out for a lighter version and it still tastes great! 

You reallycould add any veg to this recipe. Great swaps that I use all the time – Butternut Squash, the humble potato or spinach. You can even add lentils if you really want that protein hit. 

Enjoy xxx


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