vegan mushroom sausage

Servings :    20         |      Cooktime :    20 minutes      |       Difficulty  :    3/10


1kg  portabello mushrooms

400g closed cup mushrooms

1   heaped tsp dried mixed herbs

1   tbsp tomato paste

1/2  tbsp salt + 1/2 tbsp white pepper

4  cloves of garlic

3  tbsp of reduced salt soy

3  tbsp of sweet soy

1  tbsp cold pressed oil / frying oil

250g  oats


optional : You could use any mix of mushrooms. The portabello mushrooms have a really meat-like flavour to give that sausage taste. Mushrooms can be expensive in Ireland, I always use a mix to reduce the cost. These mushrooms can really handle a lot of flavor so don’t be afraid to add some spice or chili flakes


Batch cooking these sausage patties means your ready for an ultimate breakfast feast at the drop of a hat!


blender, pan, chopping board, knife, garlic mincer, wooded spoon.


Prep it – 

Wash and roughly chop the larger mushrooms before they hit the blender. This means you can fit more in!  Blend all of the mushrooms until you have a mince-like texture. As there are a lot of mushrooms in this recipe you won’t fit them all in the blender in one go, I like leave some a little chunkier than others to give the sausage patties more texture.  Mince your garlic.

Now you’re ready to fry!

Fry it – 

Heat the oil in a frying pan, on high heat. You want to get some colour on the mushrooms and steam off the watery-juice that comes out.

When you’re happy all of the mushrooms are brown and softened add in your herbs, garlic, tomato paste, soy and sweet soy. Let this fry for 5-8 minutes. 

Its time to add the oats, a couple of tablespoons at a time. This is the magic ingredient. This will give great texture and also help to dry up in mixture (in a good way). 

Roll it –

When your happy you have enough oats added, taste. Anymore seasoning needed now is the time to add it in. 

Then remove the mixture from the pan. I like to lay it ou on a chopping board / counter to cool. When its cool enough to handle, take about 3 tablespoons and place it onto plastic wrap / cling film. Fold on side over, pinch at each side and roll. You should have a rolled sausage shape. You can make these any size you like.

Freeze it – 

These are going in the freezer. I make a mixed batch of long and short sizes so I can easily take out enough for 2 or 4 people at a time. once frozen these will keep for 3 months+. 

To re-heat, remove from the freezer and thaw. You can cut rounds from the sausage log or reshape it into patties.



Any mix of mushrooms works with this recipe. You don’t have to make this volume but batch cooking this saves you more time in the long run.

My favorite way to enjoy these is to fry them up with grilled tomatoes, tofu-scramble and some fresh baked bread. An ultimate weekend breakfast feast is just not the same without these little beauties anymore.

We love bringing these camping. I take them out of the freezer and pack into a cooler (with ice) to enjoy by the campfire in a toasted bun….mmm. By the time the camp is set and fire is going they are defrosted and ready to savage!!!

vegan sausage patties recipe
vegan mushroom sausage patties
vegan mushroom sausages patties recipe
vegan mushroom sausage patties recipe
vegan mushroom sausage patties recipe

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